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Safe At Home, Rigathi Gachagua Shows Off The Two Books He Is Reading After Being Freed From Jail

Rigathi Gachagua, the MP for Mathira Constituency is safe and now back at his residential home after enduring the wrath of the law. Gachagua was freed today on Ksh.12 million cash bail or Ksh. 25 million after pleading guilty to 6 counts of Ksh. 7.4 billion graft.

Back at home, he now thanks all those who have been with him since his home was raided and him seized by the DCI officer's he allegedly states we're sent from Statehouse. He also highly thanks the police officer's for treating him professionally when they were discharging off their duties. According to Gachagua, he is now happy to face justice in an independent court of law after being freed on bail and now with pending court hearing. He is reading 2 book's he had started reading while in the cells; "Nothing Last Forever" and "Rising Against All Odds." The first book explains that suffering is not for lifetime but for just a given period of time while the second one strengthens anyone whenever in suffering.

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