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US Ambassador Reveals Why Kenya Is Important To US And What Biden Told Her About Africa's Future

The new US Ambassador to Kenya Margaret Whitman has sent a message of optimism and expressed confidence that the the US-Kenya partnership is going to get better under her leadership at the Nairobi Embassy.

Mrs. Whitman, a former Hewlett Packard (HP) and eBay CEO shared this morning on August 24th a pre-recorded video of herself talking about her history, her job, the future of US-Kenya partnership and future of Africa in general.

That one of the reasons why President Joe Biden gave the job as a US representative in Kenya is because he believes in her ability to deliver on US interests in Kenya and Africa because Africa's future is quite promising.

"I'm very excited to be the US ambassador to Kenya. I've been to Kenya a number of times and I know how dynamic this country is. It has so much possibilities.

I'm also excited about continuing the partnership that Kenya has had with the US for so many years and looking forward to furthering the interests of the Kenyan people and US people.

What I know from my over 40 years of business experience is that it is always about the people.

The people on your team, the people you're trying to serve and the people you surround yourself with, so I'm getting to know the US Embassy personnel as well as the people of Kenya," she said.

She then added that "I have 40 years of business experience is largely in High Technology.

I am married, I have two grown sons and two grandchildren and we are just excited to be here in Kenya and experience this great country.

Africa is such a great continent and Kenya as one of the leading economies and democracies in Africa is undeniably important worldwide.

When President Biden asked me to take on this role, he told me that "Meg, do you know that by 2050 one in four people on this earth will be living in Africa?"

That underscores the importance of Africa and Kenya, so I am delighted to be the Ambassador.

I you have my word that I will do my best to represent the interests of Kenya and American people. Kazi ianze!"

It's worth noting that the billionaire diplomat has come to Kenya at a time when America is really interested in containing or rather challenging China in Africa.

So far, China has made significant inroads in Africa through diplomatic ties and numerous projects in multiple countries which it's both the financer and in some cases the contractor.

This has made the US and generally the West to be quite uncomfortable and are hoping to challenge the same in whatever way they can and be part of Africa's promising future too.

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