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"Islam Does Not Belong To Somalis" Aden Duale Told After Warning Muslims Not To Deal With Sheik Ngao

One man in the Muslim community(Juma Ngao) has recently made headlines, prompting Defence cabinet secretary Aden Duale, to warn Muslims from associating or giving the man a platform. Sheikh Juma Ngao, has been one of the harshest critics of President William Ruto's Government during recent years.

Indeed, during Azimio's Kamukunji, Juma Ngao who was called to speak, prayed for the country to be delivered away from Ruto's rule. Hence, in a sharp rebuttal of words, Aden Duale, revealed that Juma Ngao did not represent the interests of Muslims because he had allegedly been forged by Matiangi and Kibicho to divide the Muslim community.

Duale went on to warn if Muslims associated themselves with Sheikh Ngao, the Kenya Kwanza Administration would not take them seriously. "I am speaking on behalf of the president." "If you deal with Juma Ngao, we will not recognize you as Government." Duale stated.

However, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed was not happy with Duale's comments. Junet revealed that attacking Sheikh Ngao was uncalled for. Junet added that Islamic matters did not belong to the defence docket since Islam did not belong to Somalis.

"Sheikh Ngao is a renowned Scholar and issues of faith should be left to someone and his God." "When Ruto issued executive order number one, I didn't see Islamic matters in the defence docket. Islam doesn't belong to Somalis." Junet stated.

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