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Coronavirus Pandemic Wrecks Havoc

Trauma and uncertainty across the globe owing to the onset of corona virus has culminated in devastating effects. In almost all African countries the dreadful pandemic has stirred debate as to whether the tenacity of the Health sector is dependable. As a result fear and panic is promulgated every time novel confirmatory cases of Covid -19 hit the headlines.

The situation in Kenya is worsening everyday as new cases are on the rise. The subtle remedy employed by the government to mitigate the spread of the virus remains constant reminders to its citizens to stay within the comfort of their homes and avoid gatherings. The strategy has hitherto proved ineffective owing to the reckless attitude of Kenyans who emphasize that they reserve the absolute command of their lifestyle. At certain points, variety of illiterate and nonconformist Kenyans have proceeded to generate stereotypes and narratives concerning the pandemic that have spread faster than bush fire.

Some argue that the climate of Kenya being hot and dry in major seasons across the year, hinder the spread of the virus downplaying its potential wreck havoc as witnessed in other parts of the world. This and many more fallacies have prompted the government's pleas mixed with threats; meant to appeal to its citizen to take prescribed precautions such as wearing masks, perpetual washing and sanitizing of hands as well as maintaining social distancing. However, these appeals seem to fall on deaf ears.

Henry Mulama is a health practitioner at Nyandiwa level IV Hospital in Suba south constituency, Homabay County. His sentiments concerning the global threat corona virus within the county 043 is full of imminent anxiety. "Even though there are no confirmed cases of the disease yet within Homabay county, the County administration is not duly proactive in mitigation plans to combat the malady should it stike." He further reiterates that the county government has not availed personal protective equipments to be donned by the doctors in the course of examining suspect patients. The masks have not been distributed to the hospital almost a month after the first case was reported in the country. Moreover, the county remuneration commission has not considered paying the county health providers their pending allowances and salaries yet they expect them to respond to the emergency with utmost urgency anytime it strikes the county. This, Mr. Mulama says, is exposing myriads of health workers to danger.

Mr. Mulama's concern resounds the opinions of informed citizens of the county who affirms that Homabay county could be on the limelight with uncountable deaths should there be an outbreakwithin the county.

Elsewhere within the state, civil servants have voluntarily suggested a cut on their pay to help salvage the Covid outbreak. The president and his deputy for instance, were on the forefront for that commendable scheme. Other leaders who have followed suit have been embraced by Kenyans on twitter who commended them for their philanthropic and charismatic gestures.

Meanwhile, in Suba South constituency, the responses of ODM minority leader during an interview by concerned and mouth piece of Kenyans on his contribution up to date to help combat Corona virus elicited mixed reactions. A number of people expressed their agitation and discontentment when the member of parliament indicated that he would ensure the passing of a bill in parliament targeted at assembling funds for the county to eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic. Some were overheard questioning why he had not made personal efforts like his counterparts giving out donations.

The populace of his constituency expressed utter disappointments regarding the Member of Parliament responses and therefore emphatically nurtured hearsay that the MP is majorly interested in his personal motives at the expense of that of his constituents. Suba south occupants have hence registered their displeasure with the MP whom they discredited as fond of empty promises. As for the opinion of many from Suba- south constituency, Hon. Mbadi is undergoing the diminution of political power and before he realizes that, he may cease to be majority favorite in his aspirations for political dynasty.

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