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What Kenyans expect the president to address today

When the first case of Covid-19 was confirmed in Kenya, life took a new turn. Schools were suspended indefinitely, and bars closed. Citizens were also always looking forward to addresses during the first few weeks after the pandemic hit the borders.

However, as time went by, people started relaxing and daily updates excited them no more. The strict measures that were put in place started being ignored. Life is normal in some sectors while others are still suffering.

The presidential address is what people are always looking forward as it touches not only on the infections but also crucial areas such as the reopening of the country. The following are some of the reasons why Kenyans are looking forward to the presidential address today:

Direction on schools reopening

Pupils and students have been at home for more than six months now. Parents now fear that their kids will forget everything that they were taught in the past. Cabinet Secretary for education Prof. Maghoha has addressed this issue in the past many times. However, the information he gives does not shed light on when schools will reopen. The president seems to have the final say on this topic.

Direction on public gatherings and social events

Government has relaxed the regulations on public gatherings. However, political rallies have spiked outrage with citizens questioning why politicians are allowed to interact freely with citizens. People expect the president to address this issue and explain why politicians are flouting the government regulations.

Direction on night bars and clubs reopening

Night clubs were closed as a measure to curb the spread of this deadly virus. Musicians who perform at such joints, waiters and bar owners have been rendered jobless through this decision. The public thus expect the president to address the issue. In the last address, the president described that he would meet bar owners and forge a working formula towards reopening these joints.

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