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The Main Reason Why Governor Seat Is Highly Contested In Kenya

You will agree with me that governor's seat is normally highly contested during elections compared to other seats in Kenya. In fact in most cases Kenyans have witnessed senators leaving their seat to contest for governor's in their counties. This happens because, governors are not only paid handsomely in the country but they also control resources in their counties. In fact, they are like presidents in their counties.

Considering their salaries, Governors earn about 584,000 basic salary and when allowances are included, their salary whop to about Sh920,000. Of course they also boasts other privileges like security, vehicles among others. In addition, in the country, governors are are among the public servants who boasts huge allowances.

Moreover, according to reliable sources, senators in Kenya earn about Sh510,000 basic salary with allowances which can add up to Sh250,000 thus they earn about Sh760,000 monthly salary. This is reasonable amount, although lower than that of governor's.

In addition considering the fact that governors control county resources, they are by far wealthier than senators in the country. Thus those are the main reasons why governor's seat is highly competed for in Kenya. Having said that below are some of the amazing pictures of some governors in Kenya.

Thank you for reading my article.

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