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Top 5 Weakest Militaries In Africa

Gabon Armed forces, Photo courtesy: Africa diaries: [Files]

Every year, the Global Firepower (GFP) ranks stength of Militaries all over the world based on; workforce, airpower, land forces, naval forces, natural resources, financial, logistical capabilities and geography of the country.

However, they're ranked Using (Power index), the smaller the score the stronger the military.

In this article, countries have been ranked from Weakest to weaker depending on factors that is rounded to 'Power Index'.

5. Liberia

Armed forces of Liberia (AFL) consist of; Infantry battalions, service support Company, Military police company, a logistics command and Liberian National coast guard.

The reserve 0.74% of their GDP in equipping the armed forces, the Liberian Military is in possession of lethal weapon like; Zastava M93, Colt M16A2, T65 and Fabrique Nationale FN FAL. They have a power index of 5.5737, and total military personnel of 2,1000.

4. Somali

Somali Militant, Photo courtesy: Africa diaries [Files]

The fit age to serve in Somali Armed forces (SAF) is between 18 years and 49, according to annual GFP review, they are ranked 136 of 138 countries.

SAF has power index of 4.2063 with total population of Somalia 11,259,029 and total military personnel of 20,000.

3. Sierra leone

Sierra Leone army, Photo courtesy: Africa diaries [Files]

The fit age to join Republic of Sierra Leone armed forces (RSLAF) is 17 years, they've power index of 4.2063, total population 6,312,212 and total military personnel of 8,500.

RSLAF was initially called The Royal armed forces of Sierra Leone.

2. Gabon

The fit age to join Armed forces of Gabon is 20 years, they've power index of 3.3736, in a total population of 2,119,036 and total military personnel of 5,000.

1. Central Africa Republic

The fit age to serve in the Central African Armed forces is 18-49, they've power index of 3.2889, total population of 5,745,062 with total military personnel of 7,150.

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