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4 Tallest People Who Have Ever Met President Kenyatta In State House, Nairobi (Opinion)

I have compiled for you list of individuals who had met President Uhuru Kenyatta in State House, Nairobi. Some people humorously said they were looking down on the Head of State.

1. Dirk Werner Nowitzki

Was former German professional basketball player. Listed at 2.13 m, he is regarded by many as greatest player of all time. He is married to a woman with Kenyan roots. His wife, Jessica, was born in Sweden to a Kenya mother and Swedish father. The man was had accompanied German president in his Kenyan tour where the two countries discussed bilateral relations and trade.

2. School Students

President was challenged when he met students who were taller than him. The students had separately visited State House during the launched of scholarship for students from poor backgrounds and during awarding of the bus.

3. John Kerry

Former Secretary of State was born on 11 December, 1943, is 77 years old as of today's date 5th March 2021. His height is 1.93 metre tall, and weight 100 kg. Barack Obama nominated him to succeed Hillary Clinton in 2013, and worked till the end of Obama's tenure on January 2017.

Gigantism is a rare condition that causes abnormal growth. It happen when pituitary gland produce too much growth hormone which is also known as Samototropin. When tumour cells grow this gland, it make it bigger thus producing more growth hormone than the body needed.

Do you remember others? I will appreciate if you add them in comment section.

Content created and supplied by: yator.enock.kipkorir (via Opera News )

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