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Man Who Promised To Eject a Certain Tribe In Kericho Dramatically Nabbed By Flying Squad Cops

A man who had threatened to expel members of a certain community in Kericho was taken into custody today by officers of the Flying Squad Police.

According to the DCI, a middle-aged guy who works as a tout for a local matatu reportedly made some alarming comments, which caused vendors from the aforementioned village to be horrified.

It has come to light that the group of people who work as Fruits vendors at the Jumbo gas station reported the alarming threats to the authorities.

They have been given the assurance by the dishonest tout that they will be expelled from the neighborhood before the upcoming elections.

The District Attorney's Office (DCI) claims that he will be charged with inciting violence and spreading panic in the surrounding neighborhood.

These unsettling words were made against the backdrop of heightened political tensions all around the country.

Ahead of the general elections in 2022, leaders from all walks of life have been advised to educate themselves on how to exercise political tolerance.

Kenyans have also been warned against making certain comments that have the potential to incite violence.

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