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Detecting Explosive and other Two Uses of Briefcase that is Carried To Where There Is President

When President Uhuru Kenyatta travels, he is accompanied by a bodyguard who carries a briefcase behind him. Many Kenyans believe it is just used to transport the president's speeches. It has numerous functions, and I've highlighted a few of them.

The briefcase cover is filled with a special 10mm thick component that can survive a 9mm para to 44 magnum calibre bullet impact, according to YGF magazine. It aids in the security of content, such as prepared speeches, and the person delivering them. It incorporates anti-theft and anti-robbery features that include high-voltage pulses from the front, back, left, and right sides, as well as a handle lock. The remote control gadget is used to activate the electric shock to repulse unauthorised people from coming near the briefcase.

The black briefcase serves as a bulletproof shield as well in case of heavy gunfire. During an emergency, it gives quick and temporary protection as backup is being arranged. It is positioned in front of the president to shield him from gunfire or knife attacks. While the president is being evacuated to a safer location, it permits other security people to respond on time. It also has a hidden compartment with a submachine gun that can be pull out incase of security threats.

A mobile phone jammer is hidden inside the briefcase, which sends out signals on the same frequency, preventing communication. This aided in disrupting the coordination of attacks against the president. Remote-controlled improvised explosive devices are defeated by the jammer's superior jamming technology.

The briefcase carries the codes to the country's nuclear weapons in countries with nuclear weapons. It enable the president to authorised the use of nuclear weapons on another country incase of an attack.

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