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KDF's military power ranking in Africa

The Kenyan military was recently ranked as the sixth in terms of military power in the African continent. This was recently revealed by the Global Firepower (GFP). 

To come up with this conclusion over 40 factors were considered in the statistics process in every single nation's military power. Some of the factors which were considered include the human resource, the financial capabilities of the military, the budget allocated to the military defence, the fire power the country owns among others. The Global Firepower also excluded nuclear power from the list of factors to be put to consideration.

Kenya took the sixth place as it had a high budget allocated to the military defense and a high firepower among other factors. Also Kenya had 78 helicopters, 186 tanks and 148 aircrafts. 

The third place was taken by South Africa as it had 250 tanks, 1,600 armoured vehicles and 3 submarines while the second place was taken by Ethiopia as it had 300 tanks, 68 helicopters and 147 aircrafts and finally the fist place was taken by the Egyptian military which had 200 helicopters, 5,000 tanks and 863 aircrafts.

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