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Inside Secrets Of The US President's Most Expensive And Complicated Motorcade In The World

The United States Presidential Motorcade has a single objective, keep the president alive. It has around fifty vehicles and over one hundred personnel.

At the heart of the motorcade is the car that carries the president himself, known as The Beast. The Presidential car, also known as a Cadillac 1, is designed to withstand any attacks. The Beast costs around one and a half million dollars and weighs twenty thousand pounds.

Every secret service agent has to pass through a five-day protective driving course and those who end up behind the wheel of the President's limo, undertake even more advanced training.

The doors are eight inches thick, the windows will stop a bullet and the floor build on the modified surface to protect from bombs and grenades. It has its oxygen supply and is protected from outside bombs. 

A whole fleet plays various roles when the president is in transit. There is another similar fleet of support vehicles with the same number plate to ensure the potential attackers have no idea which one is carrying the sitting president. 

They are known as secure packages. The vehicles are designed to break away from the motorcade should an attack happen. If it detects danger like a bomb, it automatically releases gas. This is just a speculation and yet to be proven.

The motorbikes are in charge of clearing the path for the Beast. Also acts as a communication center. The motorcade will only be used for journeys of thirty minutes or less. There is a marine and air force for longer distances. Seven 'Beast' limos with four presidents makes Biden's inauguration the  biggest procession ever | Daily Mail Online

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