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Fresh Twist as Police Withdraw Security Detail Attached to Senator Malala, Reveals Way Forward

Two days ago, the National Police Service called out Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala over demeaning remarks that he made at a political rally recently.

Malala said intelligent members of society, who pass exams with good grades, should be sponsored to pursue more “meaningful” careers and leave the “uneducated and the dropouts” to scramble for vacancies in the police service.

Senator Malala has suffered a major blow after the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) confirmed that it had withdrawn the security detail attached to him.

A statement issued by the commission noted that it would no longer entertain a situation where officers were subjected to ridicule while in the line of duty.

The commission stated that Malala's bodyguards would not be restored unless and until he formally issues an apology to police officers through their employer.

This comes after Malala said that his remarks on Police officers’ recruitment requirements were taken out of context.

While issuing a public apology over his utterances, Malala emphasized that “the importance of the disciplined forces cannot be underscored.”

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