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Kenyans React To Mutahi Ngunyi's Tweet

Mutahi Ngunyi who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that Dear David Ndii. If Jomo ate the budget surplus, Moi ate the budget, Ruto will eat the budget surplus and the budget. Your model is confused. As that person, you are selling " Politics of the belly"

Alex tweeted, "Okay if David ndii idea is garbage as you claim. Present an alternative to his economic ideas. Keep it strictly economic policy not political. Let's engage."

Paul tweeted, "It would have been useful if you rebutted his proposals & theories with alternatives. Sasa hivi matusi na zile za watoto on Mutoko's case tafauti ni? Raila shouldn't retain you in State House."

John tweeted, "Everything written in that document is too theoretical and well crafted to fit their hustler narrative. Take it from, it's a decoy to get votes from the poor who're the majority. But he definitely knows the truth. Just playing dumb to milk something before the cow dies."

Omos tweeted, "Are you so bitter Mr Intellectual because somehow in some way economist @DavidNdii outwitted your entire brigade?Being an intellectual should be beyond accomplishing school work. Or, may be, shouldn't be taken for being civilized."

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