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Ngunyi Sparks Reactions With Bold Message to Raila's Opponents, Reveals Why Mt.Kenya Will Support Him

Kenyan Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has sparked reactions online after sending a bold message to Former Prime minister and Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga's Political Opponents online.

Penning his thoughts in a post on his Twitter page on Wednesday, Ngunyi said that Odinga's Opponents should leave him alone, and that after Odinga endorsed former President Mwai Kibaki, Mt. Kenya Region referred to him as a "dume" and the only time the people of mount Kenya Region have a problem with Raila is when a person from the place is on the ballot, adding that Deputy President Dr.William Ruto is just a chocolate soldier behaving badly in the Region.

Below are Reactions from Netizens on his post.

"On the contrary, it's not Baba the person the Mt Kenya hare's but Baba the behaviour... With or without a Kikuyu running he will loose it and it will be early in the morning and there's nothing you will do about that. Continue bidding NYS cobwebs under the pretence of hating Ruto" a comment read.

"Murang'a peeps proved they love this chocolate 🍫.. It's giving Dynasties and their poodle 🐩🐩🐩🐩 sleepless nights but do we care..It's time to teach Uhuru and his system a lesson, we are not Kenyattas assets or slaves..We can reach Canaan without Uhuru." A comment read.

"The falling of a MUGUMO tree signify that RUTOS rent on kikuyu is over..He is now living on Deposit upto 2022.Tuambiane ukweli." A comment read.

"Mutahi Ngunyi is trying hard to Brand Dr. William Ruto as a man who is against Kikuyu's and vice versa, Unfortunately his intention is already known.

We the Kikuyu's are solidly Behind DP Ruto come 2022." A comment read.

"Mt Kenya Region has rejected a @RailaOdinga Presidency. They want a President who will revive the economy, help create wealth and protect they property. Raila Odinga cannot be trusted. #MtKenyaRejectsRaila." A comment read.

"You will fail badly in your attempt to tarnish RUTO'S name and cause a mass fallout amongst his GEMA followers.They know the real enemy safe yourself from this embarrassment." A comment read.

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