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Purification of African politics

Politics is considered by many as one of the game that those who can't understand it cannot play it. In african countries before an election, the so called great leaders who have monopolised their countries politics will be seen begging for votes from the citizens. In some countries some of them have refused to leave the stage for the young generation.

Since 1960s when most of african countries got their independence from the whites, they have been there vying for various parliamentary seats. Without mentioning anybody, African politics need to be purified and cleansed because during campaigns you'll find politician giving bribes to voters and luring them with empty promises.

As african we do not have the memory of a warthog. We do remember everything even after our leaders have disappeared after election. They will still come back to us looking for votes. Our brothers and sisters need to get proper education because some elect their leaders on how much money they have been given and still forgets that those same same leaders are going to take their money back after election in form of stealing from them or the property meant for the public. We Africans are the ones who suffer from increased prices of goods and Increased taxes. These leaders are unable to protect.

As African voters we have the responsibility to change our economy by electing non corrupt leaders who are ready to serve their people. We should also stop accepting bribery and let's vote for upright and morally leader who are aware of our suffering. The article written by lucas ojwang the upcoming african activist.

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