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Kenyans Fires Back At Museveni's Son Over Controversial Tweet

It is true that there have been uproar on social media after Museveni's Son threatened to attack Nairobi.Today from the latest update Kenyans have fired back saying that the whole of inspekta Mwala squad would capture Uganda in three hours.

It is now high time tht Ugandan government headed by Museveni to find the best way to solve whatever grievances they might have with the Kenyan government or else it will turn messy.It is true that the Kenyan people were shocked to hear these remarks from Museveni's Son.

It t is now high time the Kenyan people to ensure that they maintain peace and unity throughout the country so as to avoid the incidences of violence that may arise in the country.A country that is based on the rule of law and democracy is likely to have more peace and development throughout it's sector with many foreign investors investing in that country.

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