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How The 2022 Elections Can Be interesting With A Woman Presidential Candidate [OPINION]

Women! You ought to galvanize that fear within. Don't let anyone rain on your parade .Certainly ,you are certified enough to lead or are you that archaic in perspectives? Don't expect the golden platter to precipitate upon you effortlessly. You need to tell your conscious ,'Yes I can'. Away with 'being different' and hallo 'uniqueness'. Just as a half empty bottle is termed to be half-full, so is it half-empty.

Qualified are many, self-driven are few. Etch that!

I wish my president was a woman ,a mother as well. A mother makes a child smile ,takes care of the family and still does the chores. A multitasking machine .Its not easy. I have seen mothers handle even six children at once. And why is it that best teachers are females? At least that's what the students say. Look at it from this perspective; females are not only understanding but also cautious and uneasy to give room for the wrong action. Mothers have assertive minds ,one that can tackle any nudging issue .Isn't corruption an issue? Why then are they not accrued that chance to spearhead a nation ?

Men won't allow for that to happen for sure. To spice it up, majority of the voters are barbaric in nature ,glued to the male masculinity theory. You ought to know that leaders are not masonry artists, so no need to cumulate the muscle factor! We ought to understand that such a government requires mental power, one which women have.

And one of the sensational women in Kenya is Akothee, a single and independent woman. She is a very popular influencer, but that is not a big issue as compared to her personality. She is hardly if ever, influenced by men, a weakness of many women. She is also a mother. What a character and what a candidate she would be. But she is not the only one. The other one can be found by looking at a mirror.

If only women held their ground. Men are corrupt in nature. They just seek to achieve their needs then the needs of others. How selfish. You can't oppose that. Kenyans need a caring president who puts the needs of others first. Surely, tell me who does that better if not mothers.

If change is inevitable then this should be the one!

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