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Uhuru Slams Ruto Again

Uhuru Slams Ruto Again.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has criticized his deputy William Ruto with 38 days until the election.

Saturday at a KICC event, the President criticized his deputy for making many promises when he could have delivered.

Uhuru claimed the DP had 8 years to accomplish most of his development plans but couldn't.

"Nasikitika nikiona wengine huko. Mdomo, mdomo, mdomo tu, amepewa kazi. Alafu anaanza kusema tutafanya, "saying

Hii maneno ya makelele huko... . What happened to walifanya?"

Translation: "Some people's talk saddens me. Someone has a job, but he's only talking. The same person then starts making promises "less

"Why didn't you? Stop this nonsense! Stop creating too much noise. In three years, CS munya has accomplished much. What have those 8-year-olds done?"


"Wakiona mtu nasema watatatua. Where's nini's mkiwa ofisi?"

The President urged Kenyans to vote wisely in August, saying their future is at risk.

Uhuru said he hasn't forced anyone to back a specific group and that Kenyans should analyze their leaders before voting.

"Lakini vile nimesema ni yenu. Sijalazimisha nimesema mfikirie. Think."

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