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"Kamateni hao wezi, Si Mnawajua? " Moses Hits Back To Raila In A Kiambu Meeting

Politicians never cease to show us wonders in their speeches I'm a quest to convince the voters. This is the time we are bound to hear some worrying statements from them. This has seen the audience bursting into a laughter cheering up the politician to continue more.

Today the Kenya kwanza brigade, under the leadership of William Ruto, had a rally at kiambu in a bid to convince the residents to vote them. The rally dubbed economic manoeuvre, has left alot of people talking after the leaders in the meeting said some worrying statements.

In a 12 minutes video recorded and posted in the well renowned Facebook page channel 7 news TV EA, we discover that Moses Kuria has left the kiambu residents in shock. It's after he was given a chance to address the citizens, he decided to spit the differences he had with Raila brigade. "Kuna hii barabara yetu hapa ya Ruaka, 22 km imejengwa at a cost of 21billion. Yaani Kila kilometer ni 1 billion. Watu wamekula wako hapo na Uhuru, si mwashike? Kwani ni kesho? Mnatasema mutapeleka watu kamiti baada ya kuchukua uangozi. Si mwanze na hao wote kuanzia KEMSA," Moses Kuria said.

The statement translates to, " there is this Ruaka road which costed 21billion, does it mean every kilometer costed one billion? The people who swindled this money are Uhuru's friends. Start arresting them. You've said you'll start by jailing the thieves into kamiti after winning the leadership. Start with the KEMSA thieves first. "

The residents were left in a shocker after this revelation. The online fam, have decided to react back to his statements hitting against him.

What's your opinion over him? Does he use the correct terms when campaigning?

Watchfull video here.

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