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Former Nasa Strategist Allegedly Leaks Details Of A Secret Loan Taken By Government

Former NASA Strategist has shared and allegedly revealed a secret loan taken by Kenyan government from the government of the United States of America to help in combating the spread and the effects of Corona Virus in the country. The news of the secret loan deal comes at a time when Kenya's dept celling is above the recommended amount by the National Assembly and the world Bank. The world_class economist has been expressing discontentment with the way the jubilee government has been borrowing loans and using that money in the wrong ways.

The news have come at a time the country economy is struggling and on a downward trend. A section of kenyans have also been complaining of the amount of money the government has taken in loan and the effects between now and the future. Kenya's dept has gone beyond 9 trillions, although the government has told kenyans things are under control.

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