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Haji says he is not worried of being fired about the four petition filed against him.

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji has told he is not afraid about the four petitions that have been cataloged against him striving his disposal from office.

"I am a man of God... I cannot be in this office forever. If PSC realizes that I have to leave, then the due procedure must be obeyed. Hii kiti so ya mama yangu (this position doesn't belong to my mother)," he said. Haji talked during a consultation with KBC on Wednesday evening.

Among those who have documented petitions striving Haji's removal are one by murdered Dutch businessman Tob Cohen's sister - Gabriel. Nonetheless, the court halted the Public Service Commission from deeming the petition.

Another petition had been cataloged by Jack and Jill supermarket owner Schon Noorani, yet, he withdrew it. In a statement filed at the Public Service Commission, Noorani explained after much thought, he agreed to abandon the petition.

Haji said he has never pertained to corruption."If anyone has proof, then let him table it and I will contest it in court," he said. 

He restated his office will not take on cases 'for the sake of it." We will only bring watertight cases and the ones we think have chances of conviction... I will not play to the gallery with an issue I know is going nowhere," he explained.

Haji told that the public has been made to think that his office does not want to indict some cases; when the truth is that his office is just not ready to take them to court.

 “When we are we will prosecute. The evidence must be specific for us to say this is money that has been lost and these are the people with that money.”In the matter of the Kemsa saga, he said he does not believe in settling timelines in indicting a case.

"For instance, if we're banking on other jurisdictions and countries to help us get the evidence, how do I place a timeframe,” he explained. Haji had reimbursed the Kemsa file on apparent procurement irregularities to the EACC for further examinations.

The DPP said his office had confirmed reviewing files of alleged successors of the alleged scandal at Kemsa and upon review, it arose that the breadth of the investigations was enormous.

Haji said he is not afraid of indicting any case. Meanwhile, Haji touted the digital case management policy he launched. He explained the strategy, which is connected to the Judiciary has helped his office serve citizens essentially.

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