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Political Debts Return To Haunt Uhuru Pressing Him To The Wall As He Struggles To Pay Back To Raila

President Uhuru is currently going through a catastrophic situation that is really giving him a very tough time. This happens as he is busy trying to pay back to Raila and other politicians the political debts that trace back to Mzee Jomo Kenyatta times. Uhuru is in dilemma on how to pay back Raila, Mudavadi, Kalonzo who basically need to be paid back for the political history between them.

This happens as everything traces back to the promises that Uhuru and Raila made to Kenyans that nobody will shed blood due to politics. This was a vow made during the handshake times. As this happens, Uhuru will now have to personally decide on one person to pay where Raila appears to be winning.

Uhuru's dilemma could have been solved if the Building Brigdes Initiative passed successfully. The initiative would have created several powerful posts that could have absorbed all the political debts that Uhuru is supposed to pay. Unfortunately, the court declared it illegal killing all the alignments made initially.

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