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Meru Governor' Covid Revelations That Leaders Should Learn From.

Living an exemplary lives is a calling for every leader. You live by examples, this is exactly Meru governor murungi' did when he was humble enough to narrate the experience he got when he encountered with the covid-19 virus. He was loud and clear enough to sensitize Kenyans on the danger on the current pandemic.

The governor outlined the horrible effects of the pandemic on himself. He learned the hard way. He was brave enough to share the repercussions of late seeking medical attentions and relying on self medication contributed to his worsened health. From his revelation, each individual needs to seek medical attention as early as possible to avoid the health of the body worsening.

A quite a number of political leaders have been admitted for covid in various hospitals in the country. No one was man enough or woman enough to narrate the experience gotten during the time in self isolation. The Meru governor needs to be used as an object for other leaders to lean on.

It takes a man of good leadership skills like Kiraitu Murungi' to stand up and explain the danger associated with certain things and try to sensitize his people to be on the look out. Political leaders should therefore follow Kuraitu's good example as a leader.

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