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The Six African Countries Which Appear On Top 50 Most peaceful Countries In The World.

It has been a major concern on how the global peacefulness has deteriorated over the recent years. It has been the fourth time in five years that the peace index has dropped. The average country score fell by 0.34 percent. Eighty one Countries has shown an improvement and eighty dropped.

Global rankings [PHOTO: COURTESY.]

The 2020 Global Peace Index (GPI) has revealed world peace has been replaced by more tensions and uncertainty. Iceland has held the number on position as the most peaceful country in the world since 2008. It is joined at the top of the index by New Zealand, Austria, Portugal and Denmark. The least peaceful country is Afghanistan for a second year in a row followed by Syria, Iraw, South Sudan and Yemen.

Iceland flag and town [PHOTOS: COURTESY.]

Russia recorded the greatest improvement. This leaves us with many questions of what is happening to the cradle of man kind. Only six African country appear on the top fifty of most peaceful Countries. It is evident from the list as seen below:


1. Iceland.

2. New Zealand.

3. Portugal.

4. Austria.

5. Denmark

6. Canada.

7. Singapore.

8. Czechia.

9. Japan.

10. Switzerland.

11. Slovenia.

12. Ireland.

13. Australia..

14. Finland.

15. Sweden.

16. Germany.

17. Belgium.

18. Norway.

19. Bhutan.

20. Malaysia.

21. Netherlands.

22. Romania.

23. Mauritius.

24. Hungary.

25. Slovakia.

Peaceful people [PHOTO: COURTESY.]

26. Croatia.

27. Qatar.

28. Bulgaria.

29. Poland.

30. Estonia.

31. Italy.

32. Costa rica.

33. Botswana.

34. Latvia.

35. Uruguay.

36. Lithuania.

37. Taiwan.

38. Spain.

39. Kuwait.

40. Mongolia.

41. United Arab Emirates.

42. United Kingdom.

43. Ghana.

44. Zambia.

45. Chile.

46. Sierra Leone.

47. Senegal.

48. South Korea.

49. Indonesia.

50. Laos.

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