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The twelve sons of Jacob that formed the Israelite nation

Jacob was the son of Isaac and brother to Esau.He married two sisters namely Leah and Rachel.These were daughters of Laban.These two wives each had a maidservant.They were named Bilhah and Zilpah.All the four bore children for Jacob thereby giving him twelve sons.The following are the sons: The sons of Leah are Reuben, Simeon,Levi,Judah,Issachar and Zebulun.They were six sons.The sons of Rachel are only two and these are Joseph and Benjamin.Leah's maid,Zilpa gave birth to two sons namely Gad and Asher.Lastly,Bilha, Rachel's maid are also two and these are Dan and Naphtali. The eldest son was Reuben while the youngest son is Benjamin the brother to Joseph.Remember, was very much loved by his father , though he was later sold by his brothers after which he was taken to Egypt.These twelve sons of Jacob form the Israelite nation, God's chosen people.At a later stage when Jacob was blessing the sons before getting to his death bed,all the sons ,except Gad , received the last time blessings of their father.

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