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Ex-Gov’t Officials in Panic as DCI Closes in to Arrest Them, Allegedly Sets Aside Millions for This

Panic has gripped former senior government officials after they got wind that the directorate of criminal investigations (DCI) detectives were closing in to arrest them.

This comes just a few months after the said officials were fired from a key government institution over allegations of corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

Insiders have noted that the officials in question have been calling their juniors at their former workplaces to seek the latest updates on their cases. They have also taken a keen interest in the evidence gathered so far and the staff that has already been interviewed by the detectives.

Those in the know have submitted that the officials are having sleepless nights as they work round the clock to ensure they do not land in jail.

Already, they are reported to have withdrawn millions of shillings from their various bank accounts and are ready to grease the palms of the detectives assigned to their cases.

They have also changed their SIM cards so that they are not easily tracked by sleuths who are pursuing them.

More so, the group is said to have reached out to their powerful allies in law enforcement and sought their assistance to slow down their cases as long as it took.

Speculation is rife that detectives have built an airtight case against them with compelling evidence that can send them to jail for a long time. That is why they want to slow down the case for as long as they can so that it can die a natural death.

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