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Why Did the Conductor throw a Woman Out of a Moving Matatu?

A Conductor working in a public service vehicle (This photo has been used for illustration purposes): image credit| courtesy

Human beings are increasingly becoming rogue, unkind and merciless. In many parts of the world, human beings have been progressively becoming cruel towards one another. What might then be the problem? Where did we lose our humanity as a society?

Kenyans could not hide their anger when a rogue conductor along Thika super highway near Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) main campus threw out a 26 year old woman out of a moving matatu due to disagreements in fare charges. Judy Wanjiku was the woman who was shoved out of a moving matatu, alongside John Njoroge who also disagreed with the conductor and the driver over the same issue- fare. Below are the actions of some Kenyans on Twitter.

The kind witnesses around the scene of cruelty reportedly lifted up their victims out of the road as they had suspected that the matatu driver would run over the two helpless people. Judy was reportedly treated at Ruiru hospital for minor injuries but succumbed a day later!

So could fare be the only thing that makes a rightly thinking man throw a woman out of a moving matatu? Could some 100 bob or 200 shillings be the reason why a Kenyan mother, sister or friend goes to the grave? Where did we lose our morals as a society? Could such cruel behaviours of some touts and matatu conductors be attributed to the excessive use of drugs that impair the thinking and reasoning capability? Well, this is food for thought.

Thika superhighway: image credit| courtesy

It is worth noting that some matatu conductors in Kenya hardly come clean on the amount of fare they would charge the passengers once they are on board. Sometimes they allow passengers to get into their vehicles only to overcharge them as the vehicle moves. This often cause extreme discontent among some of the passengers and for this reason they refuse to pay the fares. Rogue conductors then resolve to throw them out! It is high time that the government should come up with strict guidelines and regulations on how conductors should handle passengers in public service vehicles.

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