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Hussein Mohammed Reacts to Ruto's Statement Concerning The War Against Corruption

Hussein Mohammed who is the head of communication in Ruto's campaigns today tweeted on his twitter page that The war against corruption can only be won if we ensure both financial and operational independence of our institutions!

Crypto tweeted, "Says a man who has never been clear how he made his wealth. He talks about being a hustler but he has never shared his hustle story as to how he made his wealth. I refuse to be lied to."

Nyambayi tweeted, "The fight against corruption starts with the MPs sealing hop holes in our constitution that can only be achieved with the commitment of the Executive. The Judiciary is independent with bogus laws to rule on."

Manuu tweeted, "Facts the war on corruption can be archived through corporation of various stake holders @MarthaKarua not in campaighn rallies and media houses .sell your agenda to the wanjiku not oooh corruption oooh corruption."

Sang tweeted, "Apparently mzee kitendawili and the professor of ports heist doesn't understand the meaning of INDEPENDENCE of institutions. He has embarrassed himself again, kumbe aliskiza manifesto Hadi numbers ikamchanganya akalala😂😂."

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