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“My Song Became A Political Song Used By Those Who Were Against KANU” Gidi Reveals

Radio Jambo morning host Joseph Ogidi Oyoo was a very powerful musician sometimes back in Kenya, before he became a radio host. Joseph is popularly known as Gidi, and he produced a hit song known as “unbwogable”. Gidi whose music stage name is known as Gidi Gidi said “unbwogable” means fearless, and it was used as a political song by those who were against KANU.

You should know that music gives message to people, therefore you should be careful with the kind of music that you are listening. You should know that not all songs are good and fit to be listen by everyone, therefore you should always be careful of the kind of songs that your child listens.

We all know that the government of Kenya doesn’t approve all songs that are sung by our local musicians, and the government has actually banned some of them. Those music were banned in Kenya, because they were promoting moral decadent among the children in our country.

You should know that music brings people together, and it acts as a unifying factors. You must know that music speaks to people directly, because it educate, entertain and pass message to the people. Musicians must be careful of what they sing, because bad songs which promotes incitement can actually burn the country.

Musicians must also know that bad songs also destroys the minors in our country, because they impact negative values in their minds. Gidi used to be a singer, and his song was used in politics. It was used by the people who were tired of the KANU ruling party, so that they can be united against this party.

You should know that songs brings life and death to a nation or individual, therefore people must be careful of the kind of songs they listen to. Some of the songs have been used in politics in Kenya, so that they can make the voters to elect some leaders during campaigns. 

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