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"Tupee Pesa Zetu" Drama In Pokot, Bodaboda People Accuse Ruto For Not Giving Them Money In His Rally

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Birazze incident has been reported in West Pokot after a group of bodaboda operators reportedly rioted on busy highway while demanding a salary for volunteering and escorting the deputy president on a political rally event that Ruto attended in that region few weeks ago.

According to that news report that has been shared through Facebook platform, the locals carried out burns, walked on a busy highway while demanding a salary because that day they escorted Ruto hoping that he will give them money but he didn't. They ended up staying angry for the whole day and making losses for their business.

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Kenyans on social media have sparked mixed reactions concerning that incident whereby some section of netizens have urged them to learn how to volunteer in different activities like rallies because it's not must people to be paid when they attend political events.

Other netizens have urged them to report that matter to the police station instead of wasting their time striking. Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

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