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Fact Sheets: 5 Unique Promises President Willam Ruto Made To The Kenyans During Campaigns

On August 15, 2022, William Ruto was declared the winner following a chaotic election. The election ended in a shambles, but democracy has triumphed in the end: William Ruto was sworn in as Kenya's 11th president today.

This would indicate that more over half of Kenya's electorate supported his analysis of the problems and his solutions.

Politicians running for president often claim to address only the most egregious issues facing the economy. It's hard to go wrong in Africa if you focus on poverty-related concerns. Issues of education, food security, infrastructure, security, and the general condition of living seem to be the most talked-about issues.

There are, however, distinguishing factors that may be emphasized, nuanced points that people would latch onto, that would make a candidate the best option. The five pledges that President-elect William Ruto made before taking office are detailed here.

Empower hustlers: During his campaign, William Ruto stressed the need of empowering "hustlers" and his close connection to ordinary citizens. With his government, he said he would prioritize helping the middle class and the poor financially. Ruto, who has also had to start from the bottom like many Kenyans, called himself a hustler and pledged to help those people.

Defend freedom of worship: Ruto, in an address at the Kasarani Sports Centre gymnasium, pledged to maintain the freedom of worship and that his administration would make religious freedom a priority. If elected, he said the ban on registering new religious groups would be lifted.

Review the formula for sharing resources: The formula for dividing up the country's revenue and national budget is always a cause of contention for most countries, so it's worth reviewing. To better distribute the country's natural resources between the national and county governments, Ruto has pledged to examine the current system. The population of regional constituencies would be used as the basis for the modification. He said he would do this after announcing his intention to increase accountability among government officials, so bolstering the effectiveness of the international system.

The well-being of public officers: Ruto has pledged to create a contributory benevolence fund for the families of deceased or terminally sick troops, including those suffering from mental illness, as part of his plan to prioritize the needs of Kenya's marginalized population. He vowed to create mortgage programs that would make homes more accessible to public servants, especially police. He also said that police officers will have access to similar life insurance policies as members of the armed forces. Lastly, he assured them that he would change the security system so that government employees would no longer feel compelled to accept bribes.

Public debt: Ruto, while running for office, brought up the massive public debt his country had accumulated during the previous governments. The newly elected leader made this a priority, saying he would reduce the national debt. He compared being in a bad situation like digging a hole deeper. In his speech, he promised that Kenya would save a bigger proportion of its GDP and make less foreign debt payments under his leadership. Ruto has pledged to increase Kenya's current savings rate of 7% in order to bring it closer to that of China (57%).


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