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Reason why united nations may not able to divide Nigeria.

Nigeria has been faced with so many political issues over the past years. The members of the indigenous people of Biafra have been agitating to disintegrate from Nigeria, while calling on the United Nation on the need to intervene.

The reality is that, the United nation may not be able to divide Nigeria as some of us imagine.

The United Nation was established by international laws, they do not have the power to declare any part of a county a sovereign state. Before they can declare Biafra a sovereign state, there are processes that must be completed.

These process includes a referendum, and a referendum is impossible if Governmemt of the country does not agree.

Another reason why the United nation may not be able to disintegrate Nigeria is because both the United Kingdom and United states are in support of a united Nigeria.

Both nations are the most powerful members of the United nation veto powers, so calling on the United nation to sponsor referendum without their support is almost impossible.

The US and the UK are long standing Alies that never go against each other, especially in the issue of sovereignty.

So if the United Kingdom and the United states are solidly behind a United Nigeria, then there is really nothing the UN can no about it.

Infact, In the event of a military engagement in the quest for Biafra, the UK and the US will be on Nigerian's side and defend her sovereignty by sale of weapons and outright participation. This is because both nations are allies to the Nigerian government.

Although, the global human rights shields the indigenous people of Biafra from harassment, arrest, detention and murder from the Nigerian state. The police has no right to arrest any peaceful gathering of the the group.

However, the United Nation can only reserve the right to agitate without fear of intimidation from within the Nigeria or in the diaspora.

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