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CS Kindiki Disclose Mackenzie Sumptuous Meal Menu and how he Cleverly Evaded Being Traced

Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Professor Kithure Kindiki has come out and explained what they found in the house of cult leader Paul Mackenzie after visiting the house where he lived in Shakahola forest.

While taking to his social media platforms, the vocal CS said that while visiting Shakahola forest on Thursday, they found a menu of special meals resembling that of a 3-star hotel which showed that Paul Mackenzie and his scouts were enjoying food while his followers starved to death in Shakahola forest.

Professor Kithure Kindiki also added that Paul Mackenzie was a terrorist who cleverly avoided the wrath of the state by snubbing the use of technology while scamming his followers.

He said that Mackenzie only accepted cash from his followers and not transactions using mobile money transfer or any other type of technology that could leave him vulnerable to authorities.

He also said that the majority of graves that were found while combing the larger Shakahola forest were covered with vegetation. Immediately after victims were killed, they could be buried and the graves covered by vegetation to avoid detection from people.

He also blamed the judicial for not taking action against Paul Mackenzie. He stated that the majority of deaths took place immediately after he was released on Ksh 10000 bond after being arrested. Kindiki stated that the Judiciary should be blamed for the death of hundreds of innocent Kenyans.

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