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Kids Invade State House Swimming Pool in Mali

Kids invade state house swimming pool in mali

Every dog indeed has its day, and this was the chance these kids were waiting for, ability to go and swim into the swimming pool of a States House i mean who would would not want to have that Chance, many of us wish to just meet up and even get to talk to the president while some of us just wish to see him. 

However, there are a group of kids who didn't get that chance but instead got even better chance, the chance to get into state house and dive right into the swimming pool,taking bath and turns in their bathing suits. Happy and cheering up and down, these kids did not want to waste any chance and enjoyed every moment of it.

We all know what happened in Mali because it's something that has now trended for sometime now i mean who wouldn't know if a president is thrown out of the state house by the military? Everyone knows and with the military now taking charge of the white house, i guess they allowed people to take a tour in it before they put things back in order.

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