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Bloggers Left In Cold After Sacrificing For Politician During August Campaign Season To Win Seat

The social media team (bloggers) of a undisclosed politician has been left in the cold after sacrificing the last coin of their savings to chant and drum support for the seasoned politician's bid to secure the seat.

The aforesaid politician had promised to reward the bloggers' loyalties by offering them jobs once he clinches the seat.

However, it has emerged that the swanky has broken the sealed covenant with his social media team and defied the need to pick calls or respond to text messages despite being seen freely engaging in other social media forums.

The aggrieved bloggers claimed that the flamboyant politician is literally feigning to be too busy to answer calls. The aggrievated lot informed that the politician left WhatsApp Groups in the wee hours of the night created for the purpose of fostering his campaign for August contest.

In his argument, the elected leader after changing the phone settings to restrict all incoming calls, specifically from his social media team claimed that he wants to settle in the office first.

Content created and supplied by: OumaAllan (via Opera News )


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