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Interior CS Breaks Silence After High Court Ruling

It is now two days down the line after the high quashes decission by State to rollout Huduma Namba cards rulling saying that it is illegal and the process of doing the whole staff is termed to have gone contrary to the data collection act.

Accordung to the statement issued out in the process of dismantling the validation of huduma Namba by justice Jairi Ngaah, he said that the government faulted by not conducting a data protection impact assessment before launching this process.

Following the last two days action on Hudama Namba by the supreme court, interior Cabinate secretary doctor Fred Matiangi has promised on the resurrection of the nullified huduma Namba registration, collection and the purpose.

According to a reliable source, Fred Matiangi has stated that the government is willing to appeal the rulling that actually invalidated huduma Namba in two days ago which left Kenyans in a serious shock asking unanswerable questions.

Kenyans are now waiting the outcome of this proposal as some may still have the urge to pick their already printed huduma Namba cards

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