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No Longer Run by Chinese? Latest Changes on SGR Raise Suspicions

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The multi-billion Standard Gauge Railway which runs from Mombasa to Nairobi is run by a Chinese firm, CRBC’s Africa Star Railway Operation Company before fully transferring operations of SGR to Kenya in May next year.

The 480km line will only be handed over to Kenya once billions of shillings in unpaid bills are cleared first with reports showing that Kenya had not paid Sh38 billion to Afristar, which is majority-owned by China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) and was contracted in May 2017 to run the passenger and cargo trains on the SGR.

However, some Kenyans have started questioning whether the Chinese have already stopped operating the train service if the latest developments are anything to go by.

According to a top advertising manager and influencer Ahmed Asmali, the current inconveniences at the SGR could point out to a change in the management from Chinese who are deemed to be very efficient to Kenyans.

"The Chinese no longer run the SGR? What’s happening? So many inconveniences in as many days," Asmali posed.

This comes hours after passengers aboard the Nairobi and Mombasa bound Madaraka Express were left stranded after both trains were stopped midway over a safety scare on the rail path.

Other Kenyans were quick to jump into the discussion with many raising their suspicions over the seemingly changes in the smooth running of operations at Kenya's biggest infrastructural project since independence.

"Labda kuna mtu anataka kupewa a huge tender for repairs and maintenance. The inconveniences and breaking down could be the justification, " Sidong tweeted.

"The moment that Sgr will be handed fully to Kenyan operators is when it will go back to its knees," Kirwa added.

"The issue is that the secondhand trains bought at inflated prices are developing mechanical problems even before the SGR loan is settled," another Kenyan tweeted.

"The sooner the government checks well the conditions and operative systems of these wagons before Chinese fully handing over by May next year the better.. If not then the government might inherit a problem without solution leading to loses and later it'll be a railway to nowhere, " said Dan Omar.



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