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Why Deputy President William Ruto will be president in 2022 [OPINION]

The current deputy president William Ruto will be seeking to succeed his boss Uhuru Kenyatta when his tenure comes to an end in August 2022.This is going to be the first time William Ruto will be running for presidency unlike his competitors who have tested the race before.Though he hasn't contested for the top seat before,he has been a key player in almost all the presidential elections that has been conducted in Kenya since he joined politics in 1992.Next year will be a special year for the son of Daniel and Sarah Cheruyot as he will be going for the highest level of his political career.The following are some of the reasons why William Samoei Ruto will be the fifth president of Kenya;

Bottom up economic approach

The bottom up economic model associated with the Deputy President William Ruto has continued to trigger mixed reactions mostly in the political space as his rivals knows very well that this kind of an approach relates well with the common mwananchi who needs money in their pockets and the especially the youths.The self declared Hustler is quite determined in fulfilling his ambitions where he is the only presidential hopeful who has managed to to tour to each and every corner of the country preaching his new bottom up economic model and the Hustler Nation narrative.An online voting recently conducted by Mutahi Ngunyi showed how far the deputy president is as compared to his competitors.

A Repeat of 2002 is evident

2002 was a historical year in the political landscape of this country.This was the special that marked the end of 24 years of president Moi in power which many termed as dictatorial.What transpired in 2002 Moi's succession plan is likely repeat 20 years down the line.Just like Moi decided to endorse Kenyatta as his preferred candidate and failed is the same way Uhuru's choice will be dead on arrival as Kenyans will look at such endorsement as Uhuru's project.The decision by tha late Moi to endorse young Uhuru could see influential and powerful leaders decamp from KANU to NARC an alliance that later formed the government.Some of the leaders that left KANU by then was the secretary general of the party Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka,Moody Awori, George Saitoti and many others.

Deep State mentality

Ruto's major rival Raila Odinga seems to be relying too much on the deep state support as revealed recently by his elder brother Oginga Odinga.Oginga argued that Raila has been winning in the previous elections but the deep state has always stolen the victory from him and that this time it will be a walk over since they have the system in their favour.But a lesson has to learnt from the just concluded elections in Zambia where the deep state has been defeated by the will of the people.The outgoing president Edgar Lungu was looking for re-election against Hakiende but as the saying goes"No one can dare stop an idea whose time has come",the opposition leader Hakiende is presidential elect in Zambia.Just like what the fearless Zambian youths,the jobless and the marginalised stood up and said no to the long serving Edgar Lungu who had all the system in his favour,the same is soon and very soon happening in Kenya

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