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6 Basic Trainings That New KDF Recruits Must Go Through (Photos)

Before one finally become a Kenyan Defence Force soldier, someone has to go through serious training that will determine whether or not they are ready to become real soldiers in the ground. Here are six basic things that they go through before they are declared qualified:


The first thing that they do is go through physical checking to ensure that they attain all requirements such as heights and body form. This is often the hardest part because of only a small percentage through to the final list. This is because only a small number is required.


They then proceed to the stage where they are taught how to handle a gun. They are giving teachings on guns and taught how to shoot. This is helpful mostly because it is what they are being trained to do.


They then start physical training where they are made to get more physically stronger and adaptive to the hard situations that they are ready to get used to. This includes running and lifting heavy objects to enhance muscle growth.


The next stage is the introduction of military skills which make them more mentally and physically ready to become soldiers. They are taught how to act like real soldiers with skills of high quality.


They are then taught how to match so that they can entertain the public whenever there is an occasion like a public holiday. This is a thing that is done mostly whenever the occasion is nearing.


The one important thing that always happens naturally is the development of a close relationship with the soldiers. They became close to each other and share things that make them learn more about life.

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