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No More Bridge! DP Ruto's Latest Statement That May Shake BBI Process

The second in command is calling for a consensus about the BBI report. According to him, some provisions in the report do not improve lives of ordinary citizens. He gave an example of introduction of Prime minister and it's two deputies. Dr Ruto said that introduction of these posts whose occupancies are to be appointed by the President will not solve the problems of the 'winner takes all.' DP Ruto and his allies have vowed that they may be for to oppose the report if the proponents do not accept dialogue in it to build a consensus.

Yesterday when he was addressing the people during Susan Kihika's wedding, the second in command said that BBI report is doing the opposite of what it is supposed to be doing. According to Ruto, the report is destroying one bridge as it is building another bridges. "... The report should not build one bridge as it they destroy other is supposed to build all bridges..." Ruto said.

Ruto was warning the BBI Proponents not to build their bridges as they destroy other bridges that were already existing. This statement may shake the BBI process as it has truth in it. If BBI report was truly to build bridges why leaving other leaders out of the process?

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