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"We'll Also Export Dog Meat To Pay Our Debt" Professor George Wajackoyah's Latest Pledge

Roots Party presidential candidate Professor George Wajackoyah has of late been the most trending presidential candidate for the August 2022 elections because of his unheard of manifestos in the lines of legalising and exporting bhang, reducing the working days of the week, rearing snakes and exporting their meat in an attempt to pay back the debt of China.

As if it's not enough, Prof Wajackoyah has come up with a new manifesto saying that Kenya will begin exporting dog meat to offset its burgeoning debt if he is voted president in the August polls.

In his speech, he had the following to say:

“My government will export snakes and dogs overseas to make more money to pay off the country’s debts,” Wajackoya told supporters in Kakamega.

The Roots Party leader was flanked by his running mate, Justina Wamae, and reiterated his plan to legalise marijuana market for export, saying his administration would plant bhang on the 4,494.8 hectares of Mumias Sugar Company nucleus estate.

“We shall have enough earnings to change the state of the economy,” said Wajackoyah.

To top it off, the presidential hopeful said his government will deport Chinese citizens living in Kenya, who he said have scooped lucrative opportunities at the expense of Kenyans.

“I will have Chinese citizens who have grabbed jobs in the country deported if elected,” he said.

So far Presidential candidate Wajackoya'spledges are as below:


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