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Opinion: The Politics Of IMF Is a Blessing In Disguise

"So you belong to a Merry go round but when your turn to be rescued, your children who are the beneciaries shouts to the highest,that you should not get the kitty because their brother is a thieve":

This is the scenario with the Kenyans petition against IMF loaning Kenya.

First, Parliament has failed to educate it's citizens on fiscal matter's. It's also the failure of treasury not to make some efforts in explaining to Kenyans on the current stalemate.

The current politician's should be held accountable for allowing the confusion. If you work for the government,you are duty bound to explain and at times to defend with facts on what is happening. However, out of greed we have allowed the politicians to walk scot-free.

There is nothing wrong with loans especially if they are geared towards funding development projects but not recurrent expenditure. Your politicians are the hugest consumer of recurrent expenditure but they are whipping your emotions to hate your own sitting President,the symbol of national unity.

I believe Kenya is stable but because they know the poor argues from the point of lack,they must pull the string that produces the highest vibration. The money.

I have some confidence with the office of the President. He must be aware of our economic strength. He must be receiving comprehensive reports on our economic strength.

President Uhuru is facing one major handle which unknowingly the citizens are helping him fight. The war on corruption. Those who faced the wrath of President on corruption must be pulling the card of contempt. They want him to be viewed as a failure, though they work and consume first class services from the same government.

If you work in government, for the government you can't cry with the rest of us who have limited space to stamp our views and opinions. You are at the decision making platform,stop crying with us while you have stopped other capable people to occupy the same space to make the desired difference.

Any Governor,MP , a board member of any government institution or parasternal or MCA crying about the troubles of the common people while you have the power to change it and they are at the first line considered to offer solutions must be stopped forthwith from holding the government of the day at ransom!

We must be genuine in fighting the war on corruption.

Content created and supplied by: Saharaafrikan (via Opera News )

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