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Election Observer Frisked By GSU Officers After Her Inner Wear Is Mistaken For Weapon

Amakove Wala, an election observer at the Bomas of Kenya, hilariously narrated how she was stopped by GSU officers who noticed a bump at the back of her knee. 

They expressed fears it might be an explosive device, but it later turned out to be her inner-wear. The medical doctor said she had stepped out of the national tallying centre for a break, but on coming back, two armed GSU officers pulled her aside after noticing something unusual in her trouser . The Bomas of where the tallying of votes were done has been added top elite security personnel to make sure there is enough security .

The lady became suspicious after something was noticed to be usual in her trouser after coming out of the toilet .she added that she was very scared after the GSU officers stop her for a checkup . She was an election observer .

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