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Kenyans React After A Photo Of Sabina Chege Helping A Woman Pull A Bicycle Was Shared Online

Kenyans have reacted online after a photo of Sabina Chege was posted on social media pages.Sabina was seen pulling a bicycle alongside a woman and her children.This photo caused several reactions online on social media pages.

Shared Photo Of Sabina Chege Going To Fetch Water With A Woman And Her Children

The Murang'a women representative was going to fetch water with a bicycle.Most Kenyans stated that Sabina Chege is seeking for votes by pretending to be humble by pulling a bicycle.Several people said that there was no humility since Sabina Chege was not helping the needy in the past five years while serving as a women representative.

According to several people,most politicians including Sabina Chege humble themselves while seeking for votes but immediately they get voted in,they disappear until the next general elections.Several Kenyans stated that Sabina Chege should make a borehole or connect piped water to the lady's home rather than helping her pull the bicycle to the river.

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Kenyans Murang'a Sabina Chege


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