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A Generation Without Mentors To Look Up To Will Look Up To Corrupt Politicians-Comr. Adeyanju

Popular Human Right Activist, Comrade Adeyanju Deji his used his official facebook page to attacks Nigerian Politician as he referred them to Corrupt Politicians.

According to what Deji wrote on his page, he let people knows how Nigerian Politicians mislead Nigerian youth and also, how they influence them with their corrupted mind. As we all know, it is now common in the community now that, Yahoo (Cyber Fraud) is now a career because, it is what many youth are using to survive and also use to feed their family.

Lack of job push many people to that stage, fake promises from politicians also push them to that stage because, we all believe that, no normal person will wake up and decide to choose fraud as career but they have to do so when they don' t have choice. According to Deji, the politicians are the main fraudsters, they are the one that influence the youth as they make them loose hope in the country.

It is very sad to say, many Nigerians youth are very talented but they lack what they need to the government, the government didn' t even plan to make sure the system workout for the youth, all they know is to borrow loan and share is within theirself.

Comrade Adeyanju Deji in his word, he said " A generation without mentors to look up to will look up to Yahoo Yahoo kingpins, Instagram slay queens with questionable income & corrupt politicians.

The generation of our fathers had great mentors to look up to. This is why no matter how rich and corrupt a politician is, you can' t impress me. ThiefNubu has 3 private jets and thousands of houses without any known source of income. No factories or invention anywhere but billions everywhere. No be juju be that? LOL" he wrote

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