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How ODM's Strugglers Movement Compare With DP Ruto's Hustler Movement

In politics, Success breeds Imitation. The Strugglers movement by ODM Party Lobby group are trying to Imitate The Hustler Nation Movement which is now a Revolution. The Strugglers Movement are packaging what The Hustlers Movement has been selling for a while now. Focusing on the small and medium enterprises.

ODM Party has come up with a 'strugglers movement' to rhyme the hustler movement. It now looks like The ODM Party have fallen short of ideas. All they've been left with is copying hustlers. Coming with something authentic would have sold more than just by copying.

‘Strugglers movement’ is a Lobby group formed to rally small and medium enterprises for 2022. ODM Party's Azimio La Umoja was a great catch to focus on the small and medium enterprises without necessarily copying what the Hustler movement are doing. They failed and just endorsed DP Ruto's initial idea that has now resonated with a majority of the voters.

DP Ruto tapped into an already existing cultural attachment to the word 'Hustler.' People knew what the word meant and how it spoke to them. 'Strugglers' has no cultural background attached that gives life to it. It is not relatable and people especially youth won't identify with it.

The 2022 presidential race is turning out to be a race of who has better ideas. The Leading Presidential Candidate's are tapping on ideas that the voters easily associate themselves well with. And hard economic times is among the leading cause.

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