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Action That USA Is Likely To Take If Russia Fails To Stop Invading UKraine

Joe Biden is currently one of the most powerful man alive. He heads the superpower country, USA hence his actions is very vital for the prosperity of the entire world, especially in world's economy. However according to recent recent observations, Biden has been in disagreement with his greatest rival Russian president Vladimir Putin. For many years Russia is known to have issues with USA in political platform. In connection to that, Joe Biden and Putin are to have video call to try solve the conflict that is ongoing between the two countries over Ukraine.

Basically, currently Russia has massed tens of thousands of her troops in Ukraine border with an intention of invading the country for political reasons, something that USA is greatly opposing. Thus, the anticipated conversation between the two leaders will play a key role in the world economy since USA alongside her European allies threaten to impose economic pain should invasion continue. Citizen TV Kenya captured the information as follows.

Despite the disagreement, USA seeks no conflict with Russia, but if necessary then relevant consequence will be imposed.

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