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Meet One of The Most Powerful Person In The World 2021 (PHOTOS)

In the world there are some individuals, whose actions means a lot worldwide and in most cases they are political leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and other influential figures. These people run the world in their fingers. Thus allow me present to you the most powerful person on earth 2021, he is Xi Jinping the president of republic of China.

This man rules the country that is expected to be the superpower country in the world in the near future. In fact since Xi Jinping rose into power, he has expanded China influence in almost all parts of the world more especially in Africa and Europe.

Moreover China which is the most populous country in the world (1.4 billion population) and boasts the fastest growing economy in the world and is the second largest economy country in the world. Besides according to statistics China's GDP accounts to 9.3% GDP of Global GDP. In simple terms, China is global powerhouse economically no wonder it is expected that the country will outdo USA economically in 2028.

Thus this has resulted to Xi Jinping considered the most powerful person in the world. Below are his amazing pictures.


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China Xi Jinping


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