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Looming trouble for these group of people as Roselyn Akombe reveals this about BBI

Former IEBC Commissioner Roseyln Akombe.

2022 presidential race is taking shape as top officials are busy forgetting the nightmare that Kenyans are having. Both Kieleweke and Tangatanga are busy securing positions that they will protect when their kingpin leaders win the top job. Poor Kenyans who are expected to land them those positions have been left to die with this second wave of covid-19 pandemic. NHIF is a no go zone when you conduct the virus but BBI is go zone for both the affected and those who are not.

Corruption has costed the lives of Healthcare workers to the pandemic and they are the victims who have been left to die like hens. Roseyln Akombe has warned teachers and students who have been forced to remain in schools despite of the pandemic ravaging the country. She said,

"Healthcare workers have paid the ultimate price. Teachers now. Lost two teachers already, who meant so much to me. Many more un-recorded covid deaths from what my folks in Dunga and Nyamataro are calling a new form of malaria. Any #COVID19 plan? No, we are busy with #BBI." Roseyln Akombe.

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